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Customers Idea

Step 1

The customer’s idea:

Our partnership starts with a call to grasp your business requirements.
We’ll tailor a presentation covering employee count, scope, pricing, and benefits like enhanced competitiveness, productivity, BPO expertise, and cost efficiency.

Perfect Team

Step 2

Assembling the right team:

Once the agreement is in place, our HR will initiate recruitment. We’ll assemble a team of experts tailored for your project and present candidates for your review.

Training your Team

Step 3

Induction and Onboarding:

After your Belgrade team is ready, our onboarding process commences. We handle workspace setup, tool provisioning, and customized training exclusively for your project’s staff to ensure a smooth start.

Training your Team

Step 4

Training and onboarding:

Our new team undergoes comprehensive training covering techniques, knowledge, and vital skills necessary for success in your industry. Your involvement ensures alignment with your values and company culture.

Training and Execution for Your Needs

Step 5

Project Execution and Management:

Following the agreed-upon KPIs, your designated team will initiate project implementation using various methods to meet the goals. The assigned project manager, exclusively dedicated to your project, will ensure consistent updates and information sharing.

Manage Your Project

Step 6

Administration and reporting:

You’ll have a dedicated project manager at your service, overseeing the project’s operations 24/7. They will provide comprehensive reporting on all project details and serve as your sole point of contact, ensuring all your requirements are met.

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