IT & Technical support

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IT & Technical support

Outsourcing customer support for products that require a broad range of technical skills is a cost- and energy-efficient solution for manufacturers and distributors alike, that can significantly increase the effectiveness of in-house staff. A highly skilled contact center operator with professional communication skills can perform the same tasks as our customers’ employees, whether customer service, complaint handling, administrative or sales tasks.

Setting up an in-house multilingual contact center is costly because you need to find native or fluent speakers on site to cover the territory, and of course there are always less busy times when colleagues have fewer contacts to handle. AMC Global Solutions offers a solution to this problem with highly skilled staff, agents in any language, and on-demand services that can be tailored to individual needs. Our agent profile-based call routing system ensures that your customers’ inquiries are always answered by the agent with the greatest expertise in the relevant field.

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