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Elevating Outsourcing to New Heights

Welcome to the world of AMC Global Solutions, where outsourcing transcends boundaries and redefines excellence. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled multilingual omnichannel customer support knows no bounds – we operate seamlessly in any country, language, and time zone. With a team of highly skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology at our core, we invite you to immerse yourself in a transformative outsourcing experience like never before.

Discover a Spectrum of Services

Customer Service : We provide comprehensive customer service solutions through various communication channels, including phone, email, and chatbot, covering tasks such as general support, technical assistance, and order processing. Our services are complemented by cutting-edge contact center technologies and platform integrations for a seamless customer experience.

Technical Support : Outsourcing technical customer support is a cost-effective solution that boosts in-house staff productivity. Our skilled contact center operators can handle diverse tasks just like your own employees. We provide multilingual services and expert call routing to optimize customer interactions.

Discover a Spectrum of Services

Software Development : In today’s digital age, custom software is key to success. At AMC Global Solutions, we specialize in tailored software that meets your unique needs. Our experienced team creates high-quality software, from mobile apps to enterprise solutions. We treat your vision and challenges as our own, delivering impressive results.

Integration : Adaptability lies at the heart of our approach. Our customizable solutions seamlessly integrate into your communication and sales processes. Whether it’s a surge in demand or intricate operations, we empower your business to thrive even in high-pressure situations.

Reporting : In our pursuit of excellence, data takes center stage. We diligently analyze and visualize the wealth of information generated during customer interactions. These insights guide us in refining our strategies and ensuring that every customer touchpoint adds value.


Discover a Spectrum of Services

Customer Service Center

Our customer service solutions cover all possible forms of communication.

Discover a Spectrum of Services

Technical Support Service

AMC Global Solutions provides a solution with highly qualified staff and agents in almost every language.

Software Development Solutions

We specialize in professional software development, turning your ideas into high-quality, tailored solutions for business success.

Solutions with Integrations

Our customizable solutions can support any communication and sales process and are capable of rapidly handling high volumes.

All In-one Business solution

We offer the best solutions for your business to thrive, providing web services, business consulting, and content writing expertise.

Beyond the Horizon: Additional Services

24/7 Support : Your business pulse never falters, and neither do we. Our multilingual customer support stands as an unwavering pillar at your disposal, around the clock. Whether dawn or dusk, we’re here to ensure your customers feel heard and valued.

Webservice & Content Writing : Experience the fusion of youthful innovation and seasoned expertise. Our approach adapts to modern trends, breathing life into your web services and content. With us, your digital presence resonates at the highest echelons of quality.

Business Consulting : Analysis, solutions, and results – the trifecta that shapes our business consulting endeavors. We delve deep into your challenges, engineer effective solutions, and translate them into tangible outcomes. Expect nothing less than transformational insights and actionable strategies.

Additional Services

24/7 Support

Top performance multilingual customer support at your disposal 24/7

Discover a Spectrum of Services

Webservice & Content Writing

We combine youth and experience to succeed, adapting to modern trends and raising them to the highest level

Business Consulting

Analysis, Solutions, Results!
This is what you can expect from us